Set up Home or LAN network cable connection

Generally LAN cables are called Unshielded Twisted Pair. There are two cable systems.

  1. Straight cable.
  2. Crossed cable.

The straight and crossed cable systems are shown below:

Colour coding for straight cable:

Straight colour systems are used to connect PC to Hub or Hub to PC. Insert the wire into the connector. Hold both connectors face same. See below.

You have to follow a colour coding system to connect the wire into each port of the connector. There are eight ports in the connector. Colour coding is shown below.

Both End:

Colour coding for crossed cable system:

Crossed cable systems are used to connect PC to PC or Hub to Hub. You have to follow a colour coding system to connect the wire into each port of the connector.

The system is shown below.

One End:

Other End:

By using this method you can successfully connect your LAN connection. Don’t forget straight and crossed cable system. Connect your PC and Laptop by using straight cable system. Laptop’s motherboard usually consists of LAN slot, just buy a LAN card for your desktop. Buy a cable and two connectors; join them through straight cable system. When you need to connect more than two PC, buy a hub or switch or any other equipment and some cables and connectors and combine them as discussed.

After all the connection was set, it is required to configure LAN and Internet connection. How to configure LAN and internet connection will be discussed in my next article.

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  1. Please check your colors with industry standards or a commercially produced cable. You seem to have the colors confused.

  2. Yeah right Dude ^_^

    Color Coding really is an issue towards cabling scheme regardless of industry standards set by others heheheheh... But your style is OK keep up the good work... dont bother about the standards
    as long that it works ^_^

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