Acronis True Image Enterprise Server

You must follow the following instruction to clone your C drive. Read the instruction below and write it in a page. This software will run in dos mode. So if you write it in a page you can follow the steps easily.

User Manual:

>Enter Disk clone tools

>Enter Acronis true image enterprise server 8.1.945

>Select Auto

>If SATA enter first two yes rest no


>Click create image


>Click NTES



>Write file name say D:\soft\Eve.tib

>Click create full backup image archive


>Select compression level None/Normal/High/Max


>Give Password

>Give Comments


>It will take few minutes depends on your C drive space.

>After finish restart the system


When you need to restore the system just follow the same sequence. When restoring click restore image and the other procedure are same.

Hope you can create C drive clone easily and restore it when necessary. If you are facing any problem just post a comment.

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