How to configure lan and internet connection

Step 1:

After all the connection are plugged in,

>Go to My Network place

> Click view my network connection

> Right click local area network connection

> Go t properties

> Click Internet Protocol[TCP/IP]

> Then again properties

> Click use the following IP address

> Give your IP address (example

> Click subnet mask, it will generate automatically (example

> Click Ok.

Step 2:

>Go to My Network place

> Click setup a home or small office network

> Next

> Next

> Click No. 2 option

> Next

> Give computer description

> Type Workgroup name (example MSHOME)

> Next

> Next

> Next

> Click No.4 option

> Next

> Finish.

Step 3:

If you don’t have Broadband connections then install your modem. Firstly connect through the modem. There is an easy way to dial internet.

>Download dialup setup and install.

>Run dialupsetup.exe

>Give Entry name. Phone number, APN.

>Select Modem.

>Click Create.

>Massage Network connection entry “……..” created.

>Go to start menu, click connect to and click …….


If you see there is some delay when you click view workgroup computer, then

>Go to your internet connection properties.

>Click Networking

>Disable client for Microsoft Networks.


How to setup Home or LAN network cable connection was discussed in my previous article.


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