Clone your Hard Disk Free

C Drive backup:

If you have already downloaded Hiren Boot CD v 9.5 and write it in CD, must need to use the disk clone feature.

A disk clone tool is one of the most important features in Hiren Boot CD. First setup any operating system like Windows XP, Vista, and Linux etc. Install all of your required software including anti-virus. Then run this system a few days, check its stability. After some days observations of your operating system then take a clone of your C drive or the drive where you setup your operating system. It is important because any time your operating system may crash. Any unknown virus may attack your PC thus creating lots of problem.

In this situation everybody thinks to XP setup, Vista setup, or Linux setup. No need to do this long time duty also installing your required software again. Just restore your C drive Clone. It only takes a few minutes. Hurray!!! You have successfully restored your operating system within 10 minutes including all of your installed software.

If you need any instruction of How to clone your C drive using “Acronis True Image Enterprise Server 8.1.945” Click Here.


  1. Oh!!!!!! I tried it. It's look cool.

  2. I tried it. and it works man. you really save my time. Now i install xp within just 10 minutes also including all my installed software. Thanks xclusive