Thesis Report

This is for educational purpose. Student needs to complete their thesis or project for Graduation.  And finding proper and appropriate thesis or project topics is really hard and painful task. We need to find our own thesis or project topics.  Initially student suffers a lot because our teachers rarely help us to find a proper thesis or project topics. Also we face some instrumental, tools, lab etc problem for which our teachers won’t allow us any hard or critical thesis or project. I have my personal experience in this situation because in my thesis I need to buy an actuator which is very costly. My supervisor won’t allow me to buy this but he advises me to design and construct such an actuator. So in our country economical problem is also a big factor.

To avoid such critical task of finding thesis or project topics we bring an idea of collecting previous year’s thesis report of well known universities of Bangladesh. As an engineer we first start to collect engineering based thesis or project from our elder brother and so on. Those reports are taken from BUET, KUET, CUET, RUET and IIUT. Most of these reports are downloadable.

May be this website can help you to find exact thesis or project topics that you have been waiting for.
Engineering Base:
  • 1.      Mechanical
  • 2.      Electrical
  • 3.      CSC
  • 4.      IP
  • 5.      Civil

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