Keyboard Shortcut For Windows 7

Keyboard shortcut is really an essential part for any computer users. It will enable you to work faster than original. Also you can make a good attraction by doing so. In windows 7 there are some qualified shortcut which will not in the older version. Here you get these keyboard shortcut as well as other from older version.

Using Windows Key:

>Windows Key + Tab = Dynamic selection of all active widow.
>Windows Key + Home bottom = Minimize all windows except current window.
>Windows Key + E = Launch windows explorer or my computer
>Windows Key + R = Launch run command
>Windows Key + U = Launch Ease of Access center
>Windows Key + P = Launch projector
>Windows Key + T = Walking through super taskber item
>Windows Key + D = Show or Hide desktop
>Windows Key + M = Minimize all windows
>Windows Key + L = Lock computer
>Windows Key + Up Arrow = Maximize current window
>Windows Key + down Arrow = Minimize current window
>Windows Key + Left Arrow = Snap to left hand side of screen
>Windows Key + Right Arrow = Snap to right hand side of screen
>Windows Key + Space = All windows become transparent
>Windows Key + Plus(+) = magnifier (Zoom in)
>Windows Key + minus(-) = magnifier (Zoom out)


Ctrl + Shift + N = Create new folder (This is most important shortcut added in windows 7)
Press alter = Launch file option bar/ Folder option
F5 = Drop down of menu

If these article can help you please feel free to comment on it. Add more shortcut you discover using windows 7.

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