How to solve Disk speed problem

Sometimes hard disk does not run at its maximum.You will know that if your pc become extremely slow.Any command will take huge time to complete.You can cheeck disk speed by any disk speed utility.Generally hard disk read write speed arround 50mb/s.But when it becomes 2-3mb/s,you will feel the change.Why this happens?When your hard disk connection become loose quite a few time.You restart your pc but pc can't find your hard disk.

You can solve this by following this steps:(Read the full procedure first)


1.Right click my properties.

2.In system properties window select hardware tab.

3.Click device manager.

4.Go in the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.Your harddisk may connect one of Primary IDE channel or secondary channel.You have to check both of them.

5.First right click Primary IDE advanced settings tab.
Under device 0 and device 1 section change the settings.
(a)Device type should be:Auto detection.
(b)Transfer mode select :DMA if available".The "PIO only" cause the problem.

6.Do the same for secondary IDE channel.Then restart pc.

7.If you still have the problem.There is a simple solution.You just right click Primary IDE and secondary IDE channel and uninstall them.Your pc will ask for restart.After restart your pc will go in the default setting.

That's it problem solve.You may think why i make this step 7,it should be step 1.But i think you should know those first. If these tips help you please fell free to comments on that.

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