How to edit master password in Mozilla Firefox

Mozillla Firefox is an well known browser for an internet users. It gives you lots of facility. Edit master password is one of them. When you register to any kind of web pages Mozilla Firefox will want to remember this password, because next time when you enter your user name it automatically fill you password space. So this is the advantages of Mozilla Firefox you don't need to insert your password every time you log in.

But the fact is anyone can easily see your every password you enter for different site if you click remember password in Mozilla Firefox. So this can be solved if you put a master password in Mozilla Firefox. Just follow the following instruction of how to edit master password in Mozilla Firefox.

1.Click tools
2.Go to options
3.Click security
4.Click use master password
5.Give your master password
6.Click ok

That's all This setup will help you say when you open Mozilla Firefox and go to Gmail page a window pops up where you need to put your password. After that you don't need to enter any password by the time you don't close Mozilla Firefox. Just put your user name then password will automaticaly appear.

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